Cowboys and Nooses

What really happened during the many cowboy hangings back in the American Wild West of the 1800s? Scripted podcast fiction episode explores the nonfiction taboo of hanging men by the neck until dead. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See if you dare for a scare. S04E07. (12 minutes, 33 seconds).

Podcast Transcript Preview:

Cowboys and nooses. These are words that go together well. Go to the website Search using keywords "cowboys" and "nooses." There you will find a generous collection of images created in the 21st century and links to discover more. What you will see are realistic and historically accurate practices of hanging men by the neck.

The images are not censored and are especially explicit. Those images on the website depict the kinds of activities which happened dating back to the American West during the nineteenth century. That was an era when cowboys and men of other lines of work were hanged by the neck until dead.

Such hangings were public events which took place in broad daylight right in front of many male and female witnesses. Following the nineteenth century invention of photography, taking pictures of men's hangings became common. Later, Hollywood motion pictures and television shows embedded in the minds of viewers images and sounds of men's hangings.

This podcast episode named "cowboys and nooses" explores the real and the imaginary--the taboo practice of public executions. This promises to be a very wild ride, so hang on tightly.

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gallery of images

Gallery of Images:

See many explicit, uncensored images now.

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