Series Creator and Host

Madeira Desouza

The creator and host of the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series is a gay male artist and storyteller in Las Vegas, Nevada known by his alias or pseudonym, Madeira Desouza. Most people refer to him as “Woody”—his nickname.

If you live/work in Las Vegas, if you know and believe in taboo truths or want to tell your own taboo tales, reach out to him today for consideration to be one of the very special guests who appear on interview episodes of this podcast series.

Signing a standard release agreement is the first step to being interviewed.

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Ideal Guests

People who hold strong beliefs or who have personal aspects of their lives
considered to be taboo by others.

Potential Guests Should Ask Themselves This Question:

What taboo truths do I know and believe in?


Made in Las Vegas, Nevada, this podcast series is ideally suited to showcase you worldwide if you work as:

  • an author / storyteller / writer
  • a visual artist
  • an actor
  • a musician
  • an entertainment performer
  • a sex worker
  • a stand-up comic
  • a cannabis industry spokesperson
  • an adult video performer
  • an exotic dancer
  • a YouTube show host
  • a psychic
  • a street performer
  • a director or producer
  • …and other professions are also welcomed here

Intended Audience

This podcast series is for anyone who enjoys listening to genuine, engaging conversations about the taboo truths which the guests believe in.

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How to Sponsor a Podcast Episode or Blog Post:

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You also can make a one-time donation in any amount to provide funding for the production costs of this podcast series.

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What You Can Expect

Listen to the collection of nonfiction podcast episodes and see the list of who has appeared on podcast episodes to learn how all our guests are respected and welcomed. If you are selected as a potential podcast guest, you can expect a conversational style with empathy and honesty versus a journalistic interview. The host offers his opinions on the topics which are being discussed and he will talk about his own life experiences that are connected to that topic. Guests are encouraged to speak freely and casually without self-censoring their language. Follow-up questions are often asked by the host to elicit more elaborated guest answers or insights.

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