Main Character Transformed

The transformation of the "Thief of Eggs" main character

The main character in "Their of Eggs" is Knat. He uses a provocative and illegal way to transform himself. Listen to the podcast and see the illustrated storybook to discover his terrible secrets.

This fictional character was created by Sebastian of Germany who also wrote the original story examining the character's adventures. These images presented here on this website were created by artist Madeira Desouza to depict that character's transformation.

Starting Point

We initially learn how Knat feels greatly disappointed because his perceptions are that he does not look "masculine enough" to align with how he wants to look to the world:

main character Knat image A

First Stage of Transformation

After he initiates provocative and illegal actions, he starts perceiving that his body image is changing for the first time in his life:

main character Knat image B

Transformation Continues

Once he has proven to himself that his self-image changes are genuine and perceived by others in the real world, he becomes obsessed with committing to additional provocative and illegal actions to keep transforing himself:

main character Knat image C

main character Knat image D

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