Thief of Eggs

Thief of Eggs

Original Story by Sebastian of Germany
Illustrations and Storybook by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas
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This is the illustrated storybook version of ''Thief of Eggs'' which first appeared in public as a story told in a podcast. In this expanded version you get extended storytelling details along with original 3D digital images showing characters and situations initially described in the podcast. Download the pdf of this illustrated storybook for free.

Knat feels something is wrong with his life. He goes to work each day for an international company with headquarters near the World Time Clock in Berlin where he finds many opportunities to see and fantasize about the finest of German’s young and sexually-active men. These visual riches serve to make Knat feel he should be more masculine in adult life as he nears age forty. He becomes obsessed with transforming himself to be manly like the younger men he sees each day at work.

not masculine enough

He builds secret fantasies which always feature taboo adventures of strongly masculine men who dominate weaker men sexually. But these persistent fantasies only produce embarrassment for him because he cannot envision himself as one who would actually succeed in dominating other men.

One day a young trainee starts a two-week internship assignment on the floor where Knat has a private office. The trainee looks very young and Knat presumes those boyish looks mean that he is a virgin. Here is what could be a badge photo for the trainee:

the first victim

Knat fantasizes while at work that he can compel the virginal trainee to get on his hands and knees and carefully crawl around looking under the office desk for a misplaced external drive which never existed. Once the trainee is under Knat’s desk it is relatively simple for Knat to surprise the young man by exposing an eager erection. Anyone looking through the glass walls at Knat as he sits at his desk in that office would never know what was going on.

The trainee has no options. He does what he is told and sucks Knat's cock. Knat shoots his load into the young man’s throat and quickly demands that the trainee swallow all his warm, sticky juices immediately. Knat then pushes the trainee into a supply closet where he forces the young man remove all his clothing and lie on his back on the floor. The trainee experiences unexpected thrills when Knat spreads the young man’s legs apart and generously licks his fresh, virginal boyhole. The trainee, of course, responds with a wild, unrestrained but unwilling orgasm.

In his nightly sadomasochistic fantasies, Knat uses a device of his own invention—a Lithium battery-powered tool that looks like it came right out of a dystopian science fiction film from the 1980s. The compact hand-held weapon has a trigger that Knat squeezes to cause extremely sharp blades to open and close while a red laser shoots back and forth from blade to blade accompanied by the tantalizing sounds similar to heated corn kernels popping. But the victory this weapon brings Knat is his theft of a man's eggs.

theft of a man's eggs

The trainee doesn’t even notice right away what has happened. Knat had used his ball-cutting device to stun the young man’s scrotum, slice off his thick balls and then seal the incision so the victim feels no pain and there is no blood loss. The look that overtakes the trainee’s face is a combination of horror and humiliation when he watches Knat quickly open his mouth wide and chomp on and then swallows both severed balls.

Knat eats trainee's balls

The trainee never again reports to the office and nobody can explain why he left so suddenly. But the very next morning Knat awakens knowing that he has a day off from work. He rolls over naked in his bed and that’s when Knat realizes he feels differently compared to the previous day. He springs out of bed and walks to the large mirror on the nearby closet door. Knat is shocked to see that his body looks more muscular this morning than he has ever looked before. A large smile overtakes Knat’s face as he sees in the mirror how his cock and balls are bigger.

the new improved Knat

The doorbell rings followed immediately by a loud knocking of a man’s hand. Knat remembers that he has an appointment for maintenance repair of his kitchen and quickly finds a pair of deep blue gym shorts to put on. The familiar shorts seem suddenly tighter against his manhood. When Knat opens the front door, he sees a young maintenance repair guy wearing a tool belt and vest who immediately casts his gaze down at Knat’s bulge which can barely be contained in his thin gym shorts.

the maintenance man

The maintenance worker smiles seductively as he gently smooths his thick hands over his ample crotch behind tightly-fitting denim jeans. Knat motions silently to invite him to enter the apartment and quickly Knat unbuckles the big leather belt and slides the young maintenance worker’s pants downward until resting upon his large work boots and preventing him from moving his legs. Knat says nothing at all as he grabs his visitor by the waist and spins him around so that he faces the wall. This allows Knat to plunge his surprisingly thicker and longer cock deep into the young man’s ass to deposit a generous load.

Knat fucks the maintenance man

Knat was selfish and did not give the maintenance man an orgasm. So Knat laughs deliriously as he retrieves his ball-cutting device from a nearby drawer while the young man is distracted bringing himself to orgasm after getting fucked. Knat was expecting the removal of the maintenance man’s balls using the nuts-removal gun to be suddenly quick, painless and bloodless. The agonized shrieks of the young man before he passes out from the experience of having his balls cut off would suggest otherwise is true. Knat savors the moment as he aggressively eats those large, round balls. He removes the boots and clothing of the unconscious maintainance man as the final step before he spends several minutes just savoring the look of his naked and nutless conquest.

maintenance man unconscious and naked

Using a set of keys he removed from the passed-out maintenance man, Knat gains easy entry to the maintenance department located on its own floor of the highrise residence in Berlin. He uses a heavy-duty canvas hamper with rollers to relocate his young, unconscious victim downstairs to the maintenance department. The sound of the body being crushed inside the trash compactor horrifies Knat, but he accepts that what he has done will never be blamed on him.

Knat is correct. His killing of the maintenance man goes undetected. However, German crime investigators begin to identify patterns of inexplicable outcomes of young men under the age of 40 who report having their balls cut off by a perpetrator who then feasts on what he has stolen from them.

One morning Knat examines himself in the reflection in his bedroom mirror. He has lost count of how many times he has attacked men just to cut their balls off to eat. Yet Knat cannot deny how he has transformed himself just like he wanted into a strongly masculine figure of a man.

the man he always wanted to be

He enjoys bringing himself to orgasm three times while standing at that mirror. He watches his juices drip downward to the floor and wonders how far these changes can take him. So it is that Knat vows each day of his life from now on will include eating men’s testicles as his priority.

The sheer size of the population throughout the metropolitan area of Berlin makes it an easy task for Knat to find all the desirable young men he needs to sustain his growth in masculinity and muscles. But the male-dominated media companies choose not to go public and report these man-on-man violent crimes due to the gruesome sexual nature of the brutal rituals. Meanwhile, throughout Berlin, Knat continues to feed his addiction to increase his masculinity unabated.

Authorities are frustrated that they cannot find and stop the perpetrator as crimes against four new victims are identified to the public: A handsome college male manages to survive his attack but then plunges into depression stemming from the loss of his balls. A hitchhiker minus his balls is found naked, knocked out and splashed with his own cum near the Brandenburg Gate after being raped in the back seat of his assailant's car. A bodybuilder at a popular gym is found unconscious in the gym locker room without his nuts and with his own ejaculate across his stomach. A bartender is found castrated in the wine cellar at an expensive Berlin restaurant.

four more victims

Even when one of their own, a federal police detective, is found unconscious after his balls were cut off while he rode on an inbound train to Berlin, German law enforcement remains no closer to solving these crimes.

federal police detective

And then the day arrives when the reports of these brutal attacks suddenly stop. The federal police conclude that the perpetrator has likely left Berlin. They were correct. Knat decided to move from Germany to the State of Qatar on the Persian Gulf because of its high levels of personal wealth and an inexhaustibly large inventory of potential young male victims.

Knat’s brutality and muscular strength continue to escalate. The first homicide linked to these unusual attacks happens in the city of Doha. A young, dark skinned and muscle-bound Qatari man with an exceptional cock is found decapitated and without testicles on the floor of a hotel shower room.

Qatari man beheaded and castrated

Law enforcement investigators find cum from the both victim and the attacker all over the floor of the shower enclosure. They evaluate the DNA to reach the conclusion that the perpetrator is European. They are puzzled about why the murder weapon—an expensive sword made of premium metal—was left near the victim’s body.

An undercover law enforcement group in Qatar composed of stunning examples of Arab masculinity and confidence makes crime-solving history by following the DNA to guide them in cornering and knocking out Knat in another high-priced Doha hotel room just moments before he was able to use his infamous nut-cutting gun on a new victim.

Knat regains consciousness to discover his totally naked in a completely unofficial jail cell inside an underground facility. His arms and legs are spread apart as he hangs above the floor of his cell.

Knat behind bars

The vigilante men take turns kicking and punching Knat even while their faces betray how impressed they are with the size of his cock and balls. He cannot withstand the violent impact of sustained cock and ball torture and he ends up unconscious with a diminished heartbeat. That does not, however, stop the harsh punishment Knat is given by his captors.

He wakes up to discover he is ejaculating into the moist, warm mouth of one of the vigilante men who has been applying suction on him while squeezing his massive balls. Afterwards Knat is hauled naked and shackled to an unofficial judicial proceeding. The judge demands to know why Knat has committed such acts of unrelenting brutality. Speaking in German, Knat keeps repeating one very simple and honest explanation: “I increase my masculinity by eating men’s balls.”

The vigilante man who had swallowed Knat’s juices after sucking his cock in the unofficial jail cell steps forward during the proceedings. He apologizes in Arabic to the judge for the sexual activity, but then offers a puzzling explanation the judge cannot ignore: Only one day after ingesting the perpetrator’s semen the vigilante man noticed his body evidence an increase in masculine traits especially his cock and balls size. The judge nodded to indicate his complete understanding as the man walked around proudly showing his augmented manliness while naked in front of everyone in the room.

the promise of increased manliness

The judge sat silently for several minutes. Then he announced his decision. Knat shall be kept alive for the remainder of his life in that secret underground facility where he will be milked against his will at least once per day. His semen collected shall be used as an injectable serum by the judge and all of the vigilantes so they will attain maximum masculinity. Meanwhile, German law enforcement shall be told the cover story: Knat escaped captivity but drowned himself in the Persian Gulf and his body was never found. The judge added almost as an afterthought that any man can choose to forcibly rape Knat's mouth and ass in retribution for his crimes of rape, castration and murder as often as they may desire.


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