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The name of this provocative podcast series is Taboo Truths and Tales. Now streaming on multiple podcasting platforms.

All podcast episodes from three seasons of this series are available here for listening. See a listing of all episodes sorted by individual topic.


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Look Inside the Culture Wars

Why are these particular t-words (taboo truths and tales) all in the title? A fair question.

The three t-words are used in the title because this podcast series deals with subject matter from American life considered to be taboo. Often what one person considers to be taboo is also at the exact same time considered common sense by another person.

These everyday, easy-to-see contrasts or conflicts between opposing views and beliefs and ways of thinking are commonly called culture wars.

Episodes of this podcast series deal with an individual’s perception of truths. Because of culture wars, it’s easy to find what one person considers to be acceptable and true is also at the exact same time considered unacceptable and false by another person.

This podcast series also deal with tales of fiction. Often what one person considers to be truth told honestly is also at the exact same time considered a made-up tale dressed up pretending to look like truth.

Each of us needs to think and choose for ourselves what we perceive to be truths versus made-up tales pretending to be truth because of culture wars in American life today blurring the distinction between the two. Certain episodes of this series present taboo tales in the form of a narrated story (clearly designated as works of fiction and not to be confused with real life) which each examine controversial and provocative subjects and themes.



This podcast series is marked explicit. What that means: You should not visit this website or listen to these podcasts if you happen to be under the age of 18 or if someone under the legal age is listening there with you.

The word explicit is meant to alert you clearly in advance that the words and the subject matter presented in this podcast series are intended for people who have reached legal age. The explicit language used in the episodes is justified because individual topics covered each come from the contemporary real world where everyday life is quite coarse and not really nice or polite.



“Taboo Truths and Tales” is hosted by Madeira Desouza, a gay male artist and storyteller in Las Vegas. Some of you may know him by his nickname of Woody. Contact him. See links to his online content.

Some of the one-on-one interviews presented here in this podcast series originally appeared in podcast episodes he wrote and hosted elsewhere. He updated interviews by remixing and remastering the audio content. Now those interviews dealing with society and culture in American life are appropriately collected here within the taboo category and tag.

Every podcast episode from three seasons of the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series is available here.


This podcast series is named Taboo Truths and Tales and this series is made in Las Vegas, Nevada. The host, Madeira Desouza, shows empathy with his sincere questions which always reveal who the interview guests really are and how they think and feel. He is a truly authentic host (not merely some “announcer” or an “online personality” famous for being famous.) He gets genuinely engaged in his conversations with each of his guests. He comfortably shares his own points of view and rich life experiences to maximize the listeners’ enjoyment of the podcast episodes.


You Are Invited to be a Podcast Guest

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Culture Wars Explained


You see and hear examples of culture wars all around you every day even if you never use that particular phrase at all. Culture wars never require any declaration of warfare by one opponent against another. This is because opposing beliefs and values within any culture so readily promote polarized groups of people in society. It is not wise to expect to see an end to culture wars or to change someone successfully from one side to the other. Episodes of this podcast series dig deep into particular examples and outcomes of culture wars. You can find a clear-cut example of opposing sides in the American culture wars here in this blog post without leaving this website. Your comments are welcome at the bottom of all podcast episode pages and blog post pages at this website.