The Dead Man Returns

Scripted podcast fiction, a science fiction horror story: A time traveler is sent to the year 2012 to investigate reports of extraterrestrial aliens hiding in the Mojave Desert. He is killed in the line of duty but quickly discovers that nobody who travels in time to the past experiences permanent death. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See if you dare for a scare. S04E02 (23 minutes, 50 seconds).

“The Dead Man Returns” is based on characters and situations created by Madeira Desouza for his science fiction time travel adventure called Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside.

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Transcript Excerpt:

Narrator: Welcome friends to another narrated story podcast. This wicked episode is entitled “The Dead Man Returns.” Written and produced by renegade Las Vegas storyteller and artist Madeira Desouza. “The Dead Man Returns” is just one episode within the Horror Podcast, Vegas series. If you dare to get emotionally charged, just visit to tune into the episodes.

Q: The recording has been started. All that we say shall be on the official record. My name is Wes Unger. I work in the legal department at MMDI. The purpose of this inquiry is simple. The agency needs to track and preserve the details of a mission to target year 2012 by agent Declan Andreas. So are you ready to start, Agent Andreas?

A: Yes, I’m ready. Ask me anything and I will answer you without holding anything back. I accept that this is classified top secret. I have the proper clearances.

Q: For the record, would you state your name, your job title, and the purpose of that particular mission.

A: I am Declan Andreas. I am a time travel agent. In general, I accept missions to travel in time from here on the moon to target years in the past. Once I am there in a timeline in the past, I complete the work to which I was assigned. That specific mission was to target your 2012, the location, Amargosa, Nevada. I was assigned to visit a ranch in Nevada as if I happened to be a tourist. As with all time travel missions for all agents, this was an undercover assignment. My cover identity on this mission was that of a travel writer from New York who was on my first visit to the ranch. The cover included the detail that I was to meet someone from the ranch at the Las Vegas airport and explain how I was writing one or more articles for publication that would promote the ranch to attract clients.

Q: The management of the ranch wanted publicity so they were motivated to accept the cover identity and story you had.

A: That is correct. I used my actual name, Declan Andres. I almost always used my actual name when I am on missions to the past, but I could not just appear there and announce I am a time travel agent. Hello, everyone. Yeah. Listen, I am from a few hundred years in the future I would be beaten up or shot or probably both, in that order.

Q: And for the record, Agent Andreas, I need you to state the reason for that particular top- secret mission.

A: Yeah. The reason since this is classified top secret, I am going to treat this official record as being available only to those who have the proper clearances.

Q: Yes, you are correct. Agent Andreas, you may continue what you were saying.

A: It was a top-secret mission because it involved spying on the activities taking place inside the ranch. My boss here at Clavius base briefed me before I went on that mission to target year 2012. I was briefed that the ranch most likely had been built in the year 2012 by extraterrestrial aliens. They were thought to have used a remote Mojave Desert location in the state of Nevada for their efforts. This agency, my employer, had believed at that time something untrue. We all figured the aliens had bad intentions.

Q: Those aliens eventually became known as “benefactors” and they demonstrated no bad intentions.

A: Yes, both of those are now accepted as facts by this agency. The aliens had no bad intentions towards planet Earth or humanity. They are no threat whatsoever to our home planet or to us. The aliens did not want to be discovered and in fact tried to conceal their existence from humanity. The name “benefactors” was chosen by scientists on Earth for one simple reason. The aliens made possible human time travel and that capability is seen as the most crucial benefit to human history.

Q: Could you explain what specific concerns at MMDI motivated you being assigned to visit the ranch to investigate.

A: My boss briefed me on that. He said I was being sent to that target year to validate one way or another what was going on. At the time I accepted the mission I had never heard that extraterrestrial aliens were living in secrecy on Earth. It was a closely guarded secret. That mission I went on to target year 2012 likely was the first of its kind in human history to learn about the extraterrestrial aliens and their secrets at the ranch in Nevada.

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