Sin City Robosex

Number 8 Most Popular Podcast Episode

Scripted podcast fiction where the subject is: making love to the lifeless. That is to say — having sex with a human-looking robot — sex with a machine — a synthetic humanoid male. Sexually explicit pictures of the characters and situations in “Sin City Robosex” are free to view at S04E01 (13 minutes, 4 seconds).

“Sin City Robosex” is based on characters and situations created by Madeira Desouza for his science fiction time travel adventure called Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside.

Transcript Excerpt:

Penis Envy Ranch was designed to bring out the complete and utter sexual honesty in each of the all- male visitors. The thrills that each man comes here looking for are not restricted by 21st century laws or moral codes at all. The livestock at this ranch only looked like real men. They are not men at all. They are artificial beings.

You cannot repeat cannot get any sexually transmitted diseases from the livestock at the ranch. You cannot be physically hurt or injured by the livestock. When you visit the ranch, you have total unrestricted freedom. Do whatever springs from your deepest and most private fantasies.

The moment you enter the large showroom at the ranch you get to compare side by side. The choices in masculine male beings which are available to you. You can get up close to the livestock so you can make your choice among any of the males waiting for you to choose them in particular. You can use your eyes, your mouth, your nose, or your hands and feet. No penetration at all is permitted in the showroom, however. You know exactly what that means here.

Keep in mind that Penis Envy Ranch is licensed to operate legally in Nye County, Nevada. Yes, it is true that prostitution is 100% legal in Nye County, Nevada. But Penis Envy Ranch is not a brothel. Guests are expected to have unrestricted sexual activities with the livestock. But guests do not pay for sex. Guests pay only an entry fee to get inside Penis Envy Ranch.

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