That Voice in Your Mind

This is a text post with video. This is not an audio podcast.

I am an advocate of listening to the voice that you hear in your mind. This voice has no sound anyone can hear. This voice cannot be observed or measured by a medical doctor or a scientist directly. This voice is not even physical.

Here is an article that takes a deep dive into explaining that voice you hear in your mind right now.

You are not imagining things. That voice is really there.

I offer you my own personal and professional perspective, advice, and guidance on this crucial mental health aspect in a simple, easy-to-understand short YouTube video.

You can also benefit from reading my down-to-earth book available electronically for downloading instantly from Amazon. The title is Mind Voice: All You Need to Start Using Your Mental Powers. This one book has a great deal of in-depth guidance from me to improve your life.

I published this book originally in 2018 and then updated it in 2022 following what happened on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. What happened was the seat of our government’s legislative sector was angrily and violently breached by devotees of Donald J. Trump. In his final days as the 45th president (before Inauguration Day took place) Trump spoke out (in a podium speech outside the White House) to persuade his followers to go to Capitol Hill and do what they needed to do to stop the normal legislative processes going on there. This is a stunning example of an authoritarian manipulating how groups of people think and behave.

The solid proof that something incorrect is happening in your life and in your mind easily can be found in admitting the ongoing anger that you feel. People who know how to use their minds well and for healthy outcomes do not invest in stoking the mental energy that gets them stuck in enduring and ongoing anger. There is nothing “wrong” with anger, of course. But if you are angry every day, that should be a wake up call to you that you need to address what’s going on between your ears. Your mind voice is yours to put to positive use if you wish.

You can choose to rely upon your mind voice to hear and believe what you have chosen deliberately for yourself. What you put there into your mind for yourself can and will result in you acting towards pro-social and positive outcomes.

You do not have to hold in your mind the energy to produce anger or generate violence or result in death to anyone out in the physical world including yourself.

The reason I wrote this book was to share with you what I discovered about built-in mental powers inside all of us that enable us to upgrade our lives to live without fear while having good mental health. If you prefer to live in fear, hate, anger, and enjoy violence, you own that, too. You deserve better than that, but you have a way out of your problems if you just pay attention to what I have written in this book.

What I do professionally is provide life and business guidance, coaching, mentoring, and training for people to bring out what they’ve got inside and guide them in how to use that to get what they want in their life.

My book is for everyone who wants to learn how to manage their own mind and live without fear and with good mental health. I call it mind voice but there are other names such as the mental equivalent which comes to us from nearly 80 years ago. Ancient wisdom about this built-in mental power we all have is ours from centuries ago. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote, “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Why your most important relationship is with your mind voice.

Find out how some people get into trouble as bad thinkers (incorrectly using their minds) by deliberately choosing to go along with the beliefs of a large group of others who are bad thinkers.

Written by Dr. Woody Goulart. Reposted here. This originally appeared on his website:


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