Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs

"Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs" is scripted podcast fiction from the Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See if you dare for a scare. Most men would never want to endure a real-life experience such as losing their balls. Yet many men engage in sexual fantasies about castration. This episode is a deep dive into a guy's life after his manhood was taken away against his will. S04E04 (19 minutes, 24 seconds).

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What does it mean to be a eunuch? No balls, no cock. I am missing external proof of masculinity.

I choose to work out at a gym to build up my muscular look, and I am on a regular regimen of male hormones to keep my voice from sounding female and to prevent a whole mess of other complications after castration. The particular men I want to hang out with all want to fuck me from the front and they can do so because I have been neutered. That's the truth I know today I accept what I have become. I am a eunuch.

It was not my choice, but I accept what I am today. At least I am still alive even if my cock and my balls are gone forever. I definitely do not in way want to come across as if I have expertise on a person's identity based on their gender, but I know what I know from my own experience and will be happy to share that with you.

I happen to be someone who was born a male and who had his genitals forcibly removed without his consent. That makes my gender identity different compared to someone who was born a male, and then chose to have his male genitals removed with his consent so that he could go on and live in society as a woman instead of living as a man.

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