Scripted podcast fiction. A time traveler from the 23rd century provides a blunt forewarning of stunning events yet to happen in our lifetime. Young men are brutally hunted down as human targets. Domestic terrorism mass casualty events alter the course of history. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See if you dare for a scare. S04E06 (20 minutes, 53 seconds).

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  • Full podcast transcript is below.
  • Also included is an expanded novelization of "Forewarning" -- a generously illustrated science fiction time travel adventure.
  • Original 3D digital male images from the "Forewarning" podcast episode are also included.

Podcast Transcript Excerpt:

We ended up in my motel room down the street from the gym. That motel room in Bullhead City was small, and it was cheap. On the day I arrived, I had paid in advance for two weeks with the option of adding on two more. That was always how I established a place to live as a time traveler while on a mission in a target year in the past. The one queen sized bed in the motel room was barely wide enough for me when I was there naked under the sheets with my personal trainer. All I had to do was bust this man's balls and he got hard very suddenly. He got so very hard, if you know what I mean.

It turned out he was so easy to manipulate to the next level. Soon this masculine personal trainer of mine was fucking me from behind in the queen-sized bed every night in bullhead. I totally enjoyed getting fucked by him. I must say, he was not what anyone might call good in bed at all. He did have one long, thick cock that certainly made-up for any lack of skill in bed that this man might be accused of. He was never much for small talk while in bed, fucking while my face was buried in the pillows. But I must admit he made up for not talking by easily having three or four separate orgasms in any single night. He recovered so fast. He was ready for shooting his load into me again and again.

Full Podcast Transcript:

Expanded Novelization:

"Forewarning" -- Original 3D Digital Male Images:

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