Is it possible for the intense love felt by one man for another to survive death and then suddenly reappear? Scripted podcast fiction explores resurrected romance. Written by Don Normann. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See if you dare for a scare. S05E01 (18 minutes, 8 seconds.)

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt:

"I once knew the difference between fantasy and reality,” Chuck said, the empty beer mug in his trembling hand. “If I can still tell the difference, I want to be able to drown that skill here tonight."

Taking the mug out of his hand, I took Chuck to the back storage room, easing him onto a stack of boxes. "We haven't seen you since the funeral, and you haven't tried to get in touch with anybody. Tell me what's wrong."

He suddenly burst into tears, great heaving sobs shaking him to the core, as he collapsed into my arms. My fantasies came true as I felt his body pressed against mine. But it was hardly the time to think about how many boners I'd sprung anticipating this moment.

Chuck stammered as he spoke. His sobs descending into sniffles, "I couldn't imagine what life would be like without Stu. I didn't want to imagine it, didn't want to know. But it hurt so bad, Jack. So goddamn bad. to walk through that empty house, and come across something that belonged to him, or remember the way he'd stood by a window, or laughed at some lame joke I'd made."

All I could do was nod to show my support. I wanted to be his sympathetic ear, but I had to bite my tongue when I heard what he said next.

"It started happening, about a week and a half after the funeral. One night, I dreamed about that vacation Stu and I took in the Catskills a couple of years back, about how we made love up in the mountains, how we sat there and I held him in my arms while we watched the sunset." Chuck paused, hugging himself as if he were hugging his lost lover, his eyes closed, tears streaming down his face as he relived that beautiful memory. For one moment, he almost had me bawling, too.

"I dreamed about Stu. I wished with all my heart that he was here with me, that he wouldn't leave me alone. And that one dayone-day Stu would come back for me somehow."

And suddenly Chuck looked at me, eyes wide and scary. He whispered to me. "And that’s what has happened. I got my wish. He came back."

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  1. Jeff K says:

    Well written, Sir! And who doesn’t love a little ghost sex. Thanks for sharing.

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