Male dot Gallery Tour

Here is a quick tour of the explicit Male dot Gallery from Las Vegas, Nevada. On display in this unforgettable collection you will find stunning, realistic images of masculine men in situations or peril and danger. From Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza.

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Podcast Transcript Excerpt:


Let me take you on a special tour of "male dot gallery." The online site for exploring all your fantasies about highly masculine men in situations of peril and danger. Here we go.

"Alpha Males" is a generous gallery of uncensored, controversial images exploring dominant, aggressive males from your frequent sexual fantasies. Not for the faint of heart. Intended for adventurous and curious adults only.

"A Very Big Man" -- This is about an artificial lifeform is constructed in a notorious top-secret Las Vegas laboratory. This guy is designed to bring pleasure to men. Follow his first adventures experiencing life at the hands of a sadistic artist--an older man who excels at tormenting and humiliating him. Generously illustrated with many images that leave no doubt about what is meant by the phrase “a very big man.” Very hot and sexually explicit.

"Adventures with Men of Color" -- Artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas takes you on a hot journey that stops at more than seventy-five adventurous men of color images he’s created from 2008 to 2019. That’s more than seventy-five sexually explicit frontal nudity images!

Full Podcast Transcript:

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