Horror Podcast Vegas

From Las Vegas, scripted podcast episodes of fiction within the horror theme

Thief of Eggs

Number 1 Most Popular Podcast Episode “Thief of Eggs” is scripted podcast fiction that follows the misadventures of a young man who discovers a forbidden method for increasing his masculinity and muscles. From a story idea created by Sebastian of Germany. Part of the scary Horror Podcast Vegas collection. See http://horrorpodcastvegas.com if you dare for…

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Effects of Electricity on Human Anatomy

The very special guest in podcast episode #6 is the 3D artist known as Sparkie Shock. His best-known visual works show male victims bound to a metal frame for up-close observation of their unwilling responses to the shocking effects of electricity upon human anatomy. S01E06 (67 minutes). Effects of Electricity on Human Anatomy | RSS.com…

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The Independent World of Horror Films is Alive, Alive

If you enjoy watching horror genre films, you will want to listen to featured guest Alan Rowe Kelly (pictured here in “A Far Cry From Home” in 2012) on this episode of the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series. He started out in show business as a make up artist/hair stylist in Manhattan’s fashion/commercial industry….

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