Madeira Desouza

Taboo Filmmaker Rictor Riolo Shakes Things Up

His name is Rictor Riolo. He is a gay man you may have seen on YouTube shows for many years. Here in podcast #5 he openly talks about why he arrived at strong opinions concerning taboo truths that many people believe despite a lack of tangible evidence or logical proofs. He explains how people cling…

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Texas News Anchor Stars in Gay Adult Videos

He once was on the air in Texas as a television news anchor. Today he stars in explicit gay adult male videos. Jim Walker lives what some might call a taboo lifestyle and has no regrets. S01E04 (37 minutes). Texas News Anchor Stars in Gay Adult Videos | Listen to this podcast episode on…

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Dark Taboos, Men in Peril

Las Vegas gay male artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza submits to questioning which reveals his previously secret methods for all the stunning images and fiction he creates that depict dark taboos and men in peril. S01E03 (35 minutes). Dark Taboos, Men in Peril | Listen to this podcast episode on Discover More: See…

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The Independent World of Horror Films is Alive, Alive

If you enjoy watching horror genre films, you will want to listen to featured guest Alan Rowe Kelly (pictured here in “A Far Cry From Home” in 2012) on this episode of the “Taboo Truths and Tales” podcast series. He started out in show business as a make up artist/hair stylist in Manhattan’s fashion/commercial industry….

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Making Sexy Moon Men

If you read fiction for entertainment and you are curious about how a gay male storyteller thinks, develops material, and releases his works, you will want to hear podcast #1. Listen to Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza talk openly and bluntly about his writing science fiction time travel adventures and his creating explicit…

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That Voice in Your Mind

I am an advocate of listening to the voice that you hear in your mind. This voice has no sound anyone can hear. This voice cannot be observed or measured by a medical doctor or a scientist directly. This voice is not even physical. Here is an article that takes a deep dive into explaining…

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What Happens in Vegas…

Since I live here in Las Vegas, I see this place through the eyes and mind of a local resident–not a visitor. As a local, I accept without holding anything back that Vegas is, if nothing else, a place of business. Vegas is a place where people attempt to make money selling goods and services…

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The Story Behind the Trump Style

Frequently, what Donald Trump chooses to say aloud and write in text format invites listeners and readers to respond with intensity. Whenever Trump’s words are charged with his own feelings versus being merely neutral (as in ceremonial events), his choice of words and the words, themselves, compel listeners or readers to respond in a vigorous…

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